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Visit: and vote for our Towing Dynos for the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Contest! Voting begins Sept 18th through September 25th.

As our CEO Art Downey would say, “Our Towing Dynamometers are pretty damn cool!”  Are they the coolest thing made in the Badger State? The employees of Taylor Dynamometer sure think so, but that’s for you to decide.

A tow dyno, is a slick tool that accurately applies a measured load to a vehicle and simulates positive or negative slope while driving.  Essentially, it’s a sophisticated trailer that can make a vehicle behave like it’s driving through mountains and hills.  This is NOT your typical trailer, oh no.  In fact, some would say one of the COOLEST things about our tow dynos is that they resemble some really impressive vehicles including classic sports cars, Corvettes and even hot rods (if you squint your eyes just right).

When paired with Taylor’s DynCtrl-II Instrumentation system (software and electronic hardware), the combination offers the user an efficient and repeatable tool for collecting critical performance data from the vehicle including: horsepower, temperature, time, distance, load and pressure (mostly nerdy stuff).  The tow dyno is operated by a wireless tablet which allows the user to precisely control the amount of speed or load needed to accomplish the desired test.

Who uses such an incredible tool? Car and truck manufacturers, automotive test tracks, agricultural vehicle manufacturers, military proving grounds and many others use tow dynos to develop and verify the performance of their vehicles.  Designed specifically for use on a test track, the tow dyno offers users a unique way to fully test developmental vehicles within the confines of a protected proving ground. This avoids public exposure and reduces the amount of time and high costs spent on mountain testing or elsewhere.  Pretty cool eh?

It’s now in your hands.  Vote for the distinguished, magnificent and downright COOL tow dyno made right here in the Brew City.

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