Taylor Dynamometer to Showcase Products and Solutions at the 2014 Automotive Testing Show & Expo in Brazil

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São Paulo, Brazil (July 7, 2014) – Taylor Dynamometer will showcase its comprehensive product offering including engine, chassis and towing dynamometers along with engine testing equipment at the 3rd annual Automotive Testing Show and Expo (August 6-7, Sheraton WTC Hotel, São Paulo, Brazil, Stand A151).

“We are excited to participate in the Brazil Automotive Testing Show and Expo,” said Jeff Brown, Vice President, Taylor Dynamometer. “This show provides a great platform to promote our products to the global industry and also presents the opportunity to participate in conversations that take place surrounding industry education, collaboration and advancement.”

At the show, Taylor will be featuring the following products and solutions including: Test Cell Design and Support Systems, Engine, Chassis and Towing Dynamometers, Hydraulic Test Centers and Data Acquisition & Control Systems.

Test Cell Design and Support Systems

In a rapidly evolving test cell environment, Taylor’s volume of experiences and successful installations equips customers with the latest technical advancements and best practices needed to design and deliver a superior solution. View virtual 3D models prior to construction along with drawings that Architects can incorporate directly into their facility construction package.  With a proven record in total test cell solutions incorporating everything from hardware and controls to ventilation and cooling – all in a way that maximizes efficiency, ease of use and opportunity for growth – Taylor simplifies the complex challenges of the test cell environment and ensures testing success.

Engine Dynamometers (Dynos)

Engine Dynamometers are one of the most important engine diagnostic tools available, allowing customers to verify repairs, validate specifications, break in new engines and quickly troubleshoot problems such as low horsepower, insufficient torque and leaks. Taylor’s engine dynamometer systems deliver the best overall value by driving productivity, ensuring uptime and bringing rapid return on investment. Taylor’s engine dynamometer product line includes: Water Brake, Eddy Current and Portable Dynamometers.

Chassis Dynamometers (Dynos)

Chassis Dynamometers provide for quick testing to meet end-of-line requirements or to identify engine and driveline issues in the service environment such as low power, overheating, emissions compliance and speedometer accuracy among others. Once issues are identified and repaired, the chassis dynamometer will verify that the issue is corrected. Many service facilities also use the chassis dynamometer to perform engine break-in after in-frame rebuild. Taylor’s chassis dynamometer product line includes: Water Brake and Eddy Current Dynamometers.

Towing Dynamometers (Dynos)

Taylor produces the most advanced, reliable and highly sought after towing dynamometers in the industry. From light passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks, turn to Taylor for a solution that saves time and money by easily and reliably measuring attributes under a range of simulated load conditions, negative slopes and positive slopes up to 25% – all in a safe, controlled environment.

Hydraulic Test Centers (HTC)

Taylor’s Hydraulic Test Centers (HTC) are versatile machines designed for testing heavy-duty, off-highway hydraulic components. Taylor’s HTCs are capable of testing transmissions, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, valve blocks, torque converters, gear pumps, vane pumps and hydrostatic pumps.

Data Acquisition & Control Systems

Whether you want a basic engine dynamometer configuration that provides torque, rpm and power or need an advanced, full-featured test and measurement software package, Taylor has a system that will serve your unique application without breaking your budget.

About Taylor Dynamometer 

Taylor’s comprehensive product offering along with a unique blend of product knowledge and clear understanding of application environments ensure that customers get the most out of their equipment over its entire life cycle through superior performance, enhanced flexibility and higher return on investment. Taylor Dynamometer – Everything you need to succeed. www.taylordyno.com 

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