Taylor Dynamometer Raises the Bar with the Launch of its New Hydraulic Test Center!

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MILWAUKEE, WI (April 7, 2016) – After three (3) years in the making, Taylor Dynamometer announced today the launch of its new, state-of-the-art, Hydraulic Test Center (HTC).  For powertrain testing, it’s about fast and exceptional results in the safest manner possible. Discover how Taylor’s new hydraulic testing technology is raising the bar.

The new HTC is designed for those involved with testing heavy-duty, mobile equipment such as: dozers, trucks, mining equipment, skid steers and excavators. The new HTC supports testing of: transmissions, hydraulic motors and cylinders, valve blocks, torque converters and open and closed loop pumps. The new HTC provides increasingly safe, efficient performance and consistent solutions for all powertrain testing needs including:

  • Effortless contamination control to ISO 16/13/11 (per Cyclic Stabilization Test SAE ARP4205)
  • Remote monitoring – the operator can be completely removed from the test environment
  • Dynamometer mode allows testing of a motor as a motor (not a pump)
  • All ratings are continuous duty, not intermittent
  • No de-rating the test bench in 50 Hz countries
  • Includes the latest in data acquisition and control system technology – DynPro2

In an effort to accommodate various customer testing requirements, Taylor offers both a Transmission Bench and a Complete Bench. The Transmission bench is designed to test a variety of heavy-duty, off-highway hydraulic components in construction, mining, marine and transportation applications. The Complete Bench provides customers with a Pump and Motor Test Package which includes:

  • Two (2) case drain flow circuits
  • High pressure filtration with flow straightener
  • Load sensing pump circuit
  • Component cooling loop
  • Continuous 6,000 psi (41,369 kPa) auxiliary pump
  • Energy recovery – facilitates full load testing of pumps

“Taylor is changing the game of testing performance for heavy-duty, mobile equipment. With features like energy recovery, machines now have the ability to harness energy from the components under test to drive the hydraulic testing machine itself,” said Marcus Poppler, Mechanical Engineer, Taylor Dynamometer. “Instead of energy being wasted, it can now be recovered so your machine can do more with less, including full-load testing with less horsepower required – saving energy costs and the need for more expensive, larger equipment.”

As you evaluate your needs for heavy-duty, mobile equipment testing, consider how upgrading to the latest technology can bring greater value to you – and improve your bottom line. Turn to the experts to learn more about the latest in hydraulic testing equipment. Visit Taylor’s complete hydraulic testing offerings: https://www.taylordyno.com/products/hydraulic-test-centers/ or contact Taylor at (414) 755-0040.

About Taylor Dynamometer 

Taylor’s comprehensive product offering along with a unique blend of product knowledge and clear understanding of application environments ensure that customers get the most out of their equipment over its entire life cycle through superior performance, enhanced flexibility and higher return on investment. Taylor Dynamometer – Everything you need to succeed. www.taylordyno.com 

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