SEC Energy – Success Story (Oil & Gas Application)

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water brake test cell

SEC Energy turns to Taylor Dynamometer as they start rebuilding engines in-house.

About SEC Energy
Founded in 2003, SEC Energy is a compression design and manufacturing company providing production and processing equipment, turnkey engineering services, truck-based service technicians and power generation equipment for the oil and gas industry. SEC is also a leading packager of large-scale natural gas compression equipment and offers a full range of gas, electric and dual drive compressors.

The Project
SEC had a desire to start rebuilding engines in-house, so there was a need to load test engines after rebuild up to 4,735 hp. As one of the highest independent Texas purchasers of CAT engines from C9s to G8000s, SEC selected Taylor Dynamometer’s DL6K Water Brake Engine Dyno. They also purchased DynPro Data Acquisition and Control System, HVAC, a Water Recirculation System (WRS) and turnkey installation services all provided by Taylor.

Throughout the implementation process the Taylor team went above and beyond to provide SEC with the complete in-house engine services they required. Taylor took the time to ensure that all the equipment, electrical hook ups and controls were set up properly and running as expected. One of the reasons that SEC selected Taylor was for their attention to detail and they were not disappointed. Upon startup, SEC personnel understood how every piece of equipment worked and received thorough training on their entire system.

Lifetime Support
Now that all the equipment is installed and performing efficiently, the partnership between SEC and Taylor is far from over. With the lifetime product support provided by Taylor, SEC knows they will receive the greatest performance and return on investment from their equipment now and well into the future.

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