Ballast Weights

Ballast Weight options for Towing Dynamometers are available in either water or concrete. The tanks/boxes are safely secured to the trailer and are weight specific to the drawbar requirement.

Water Ballast Weights are fully baffled and are fully adjustable. They are also easy to fill with water and easy to drain. See more features below or download our pdf.

Water Ballast Weights:

  • Fill from any hydrant
  • Easy to transport empty ballast weights
  • Never a need to store heavy ballast weights
  • No heavy equipment needed to load or unload empty weights
  • Sight tube for water level

Concrete Ballast Weights:

  • Steel encased concrete boxes; customer fills boxes
  • Easy to remove and load using lifting fixture
  • Uniquely designed for maximum traction

Custom Towing Dynamometers

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