Powerful, Accurate Towing Dynamometers (Dynos)

Taylor Dynamometer builds the most reliable and technologically advanced towing dynos in the industry. By using our towing dynos, you save money, protect privacy, increase safety and enhance testing efficiency and accuracy. We’ve been supporting success in OEM transportation and military applications for over 40 years.

From light passenger cars to heavy commercial truck vehicles, you can turn to us for a solution that saves you time and money by easily and reliably measuring attributes under a range of simulated load conditions, negative slopes and positive slopes up to 25% – all in a safe, controlled environment. Look to Taylor as the industry leader for a record of pioneering valuable towing dynamometer (dyno) advancements including:

  • Push/pull technology
  • Dampened drawbar systems
  • Multiple retarder systems
  • Independent air ride suspension with auto level
  • Transfer case gearbox