DynCtrl-II Instrumentation System for Towing Dynamometers

Taylor Dynamometer’s DynCntrl-II instrumentation system for towing dynamometers includes a ruggedized, Wi-Fi, touchscreen tablet PC with an integrated graphic heads-up display and a robust instrumentation package mounted in a sealed Nema enclosure. Our easy to use, intuitive, DynCntrl-II software not only makes testing simple, but also displays and records multiple channels of real time data.

DynCtrl-II – Advanced / Automated Hill Simulation

DynCtrl-II software goes far beyond typical load testing by allowing the engineer to create advanced, automated hill simulation profiles that can be named and stored for ease of use. Basic functions include:

  • Closed loop speed control
  • Closed loop load control
  • Manual load control
  • Hill simulation profile test

Additional DynCntrl-II Features include:

  • Simulate slope
  • Compensate for actual slope
  • Simulate trailer weight and aero
  • Compensate for vehicle weight
  • Reference slope input

  • Import/export Excel® file
  • Save, name and file hill profile
  • Auto record data
  • Integrated heads up / drivers trace display

Check out this video that provides a basic overview of the DynCtrl-II Towing Dynamometer Software including control functions: Auto Speed, Manual Load, Auto Load and Hill Simulation. For additional information or assistance contact Taylor today.