M2 Series Small Engine Dynos

Taylor Dynamometer’s M2 Series small engine dynamometers are designed to handle your most difficult operating conditions and are capable of unlimited, continuous use.

This heavy-duty, yet small engine dyno has a capacity of 50 hp (37 kW) and a maximum of 6,000 rpm. The M2 Series are water brake dynamometers designed to meet the needs of engine manufacturers.

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US Customary

ModelPower(hp)Torque(lb-ft)Speed(rpm)Accessoriespdf iconPDFGet Quote
M2M250686,000Linkpdf icon

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System International (S.I.)

ModelPower(kW)Torque(Nm)Speed(rpm)Accessoriespdf iconPDFGet Quote
M2M237926,000Linkpdf icon

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