DH Series Water Brake Engine Dynamometers

Ideal for gasoline engines and lower-horsepower diesel engines, Taylor Dynamometer’s DH Series Water Brake Engine Dynos can operate at speeds up to 5,500 rpm. Choose from three different models with capacities ranging from 270 to 805 hp (201 to 600 kW).

US Customary

ModelPower(hp)Torque(lb-ft)Speed(rpm)Accessoriespdf iconPDFGet Quote
DH21DH212704255,500Linkpdf icon

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DH22DH225308505,500Linkpdf icon

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DH23DH238051,2754,500Linkpdf icon

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System International (S.I.)

ModelPower(kW)Torque(Nm)Speed(rpm)Accessoriespdf iconPDFGet Quote
DH21DH212015765,500Linkpdf icon

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DH22DH223951,1535,500Linkpdf icon

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DH23DH236001,7294,500Linkpdf icon

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Custom Water Brake Engine Dynamometer Solution

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