Portable Engine Dynamometers

Cost-effective Portable Engine Dynos from Taylor Dynamometer are water brake style systems for diesel applications up to 1,250 hp (932 kW) and 3,000 ft-lb (4,068 N) of torque. Mount yours right on the engine in minutes for fast, convenient and reliable testing.

With no special engine stand or test cell required, you can perform tests indoors or outside – even while the engine is in a shipping crate. Entry level mechanics can easily do initial break-in runs, full power runs and governor checks.

US Customary

ModelPower(hp)Torque(lb-ft)Speed(rpm)Accessoriespdf iconPDFGet Quote
TD-3100TD-31001,2503,0004,000Linkpdf icon

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TD-3102TD-31021,2503,0006,000Linkpdf icon

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System International (S.I.)

ModelPower(kW)Torque(Nm)Speed(rpm)Accessoriespdf iconPDFGet Quote
TD-3100TD-31009324,0684,000Linkpdf icon

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TD-3102TD-31029324,0686,000Linkpdf icon

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Custom Portable Dynamometer

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