A Preassembled, Above Ground, Mobile Testing Solution

An affordable option to permanent Test Cells, the Mobile Testing Center (MTC) is a containerized testing solution designed for outdoor applications.

The MTC is comprised of 2 ISO containers. Container 1 includes a Test Cell and heated and air-conditioned Control Room. Container 2 is optional and includes facility support equipment such as Bulk Fuel Storage, Pneumatic System, Water Recirculation System (WRS), etc.

MTC Features

Customers can enjoy the following functionality features of the MTC including:

  • 500, 1,000 and 1,500 hp (373, 746 and 1,119 kW) options available
  • Ships fully assembled, easy to transport with the use of a trailer
  • Test Cell container includes a Taylor Dynamometer Engine Dyno
  • Facility Support container is optional
  • Easy setup requires only two people using hand tools
  • Fully equipped with DynPro2 Data Acquisition and Control System and Engine Cart
  • Bulk Fuel Storage, Generator and Water Treatment System are optional equipment