Test Tables and Sub-base Kits

Taylor offers Testing Tables and Sub-Base Kits for use with most of our engine dynamometer models. Various standard and custom sizes available. Contact us today.

Fixed-Base Mount Kit – TD3100:

For use with Taylor’s TD-3100 or TD-3102 portable water brake (hydraulic) engine dynamometers. The kit allows the TD-3100 or TD-3102 to be used as a stationary (fixed-base) dynamometer and includes brackets, mounting stand and hardware to fix the unit to the floor and provide a 1710/1810 style flange for driveshaft connection.

Test Stand and Driveshaft Guard – M2:

The Test Stand and Driveshaft Guard are optional items for the M2 small engine dynamometer. The Test Stand is designed to provide a stable platform for mounting and testing the engines. This common platform makes for a test system that is simple and proven. The M2 Driveshaft Guard is designed to mount to the Test Stand as an integral component.

Sub-Base Kit:

A Taylor made Sub-Base Kit eliminates the need for a concrete pedestal and places the dynamometer at the desired centerline height which serves to greatly simplify the installation of the dynamometer by allowing for a flat floor / isolation pad. Taylor offers Sub-Base Kits for use with all of our engine dynamometer models.

X-Y-Z Table:

The X-Y-Z Table is used in various Electric Motor Test Stand requirements. This table allows for adjustment in Y axis (up / down) from 3 to 24 in. (7.6 to 61 cm) and adjustment in Z axis (left / right) from 13.25 to 23 in. (33.6 to 58.4 cm) with a maximum allowable torque of 1,475 ft-lb (2,000 Nm). The table allows for a maximum motor weight of 2,000 lbs (907 kg). Custom X-Y-Z Tables are also available.

Custom Water Brake Engine Dynamometer Solution

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