CM Series Water Brake Dynamometers

CM Series Water Brake Dynos from Taylor Dynamometer offer for low upfront cost, low maintenance, low inertia and high durability.

Choose from cradle-style dynos for single- or tandem-axle vehicles, with continuous capacity up to 1,100 hp (820 kW).

US Customary

ModelCapacity(hp @ mph)Allowable Axle Spread(in.)Maximum Wheel Speed(mph)Maximum Axle Weight(lb per axle)Roll Diameter(in.)Number of Drive AxlesAccessoriespdf iconPDFGet Quote
CM-51CM-511,100 hp @ 80 mph48 - 609025,000202Linkpdf icon

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CM-51SCM-51S550 hp @ 80 mphN/A9025,000201Linkpdf icon

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System International (S.I.)

ModelCapacity(kW @ kph)Allowable Axle Spread(mm)Maximum Wheel Speed(kph)Maximum Axle Weight(kg per axle)Roll Diameter(mm)Number of Drive AxlesAccessoriespdf iconPDFGet Quote
CM-51CM-51820 kW @ 129 kph1,219 - 1,52414511,3405082Linkpdf icon

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CM-51SCM-51S410 kW @ 129 kphN/A14511,3405081Linkpdf icon

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Custom Chassis Dynamometer Test Cell

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