A Complete Line of Proven Dynamometers and Engine Testing Equipment

Turn your testing challenges into success with the full line of dynamometers (dynos) and controls.

Choosing Taylor Dynamometer products means getting the best overall value in the industry – equipment trusted for performance and durability since the 1920s, backed by expert support every step of the way. So you minimize downtime, maximize productivity and get the greatest possible return on investment

Explore Taylor engine, chassis and towing dynamometers (dynos) and instrumentation here. And don’t hesitate to give our experts a call to discuss your specific needs.

Taylor Dynamometer Products

Engine Dynamometer

Engine Dynamometers

Trusted testing equipment across a full range of water brake, eddy current, portable and AC engine dynos

Chassis Dynamometer

Chassis Dynamometers

Superior heavy-duty performance – proven across the world’s largest installed base

Towing Dynamometers

Towing Dynamometers

Over 40 years supporting the success of vehicle manufacturers around the world

900C Hydraulic Test Center

Hydraulic Test Centers

Versatile, accurate and efficient testing of heavy-duty, off-highway hydraulic components

Track Shop

Track Shop

Comprehensive track repair system used to optimize shop efficiency, boost productivity, and increase profitability

dynamometer instrumentation and control

Instrumentation & Control Systems

Everything you need to gather and analyze important data easily and efficiently

Electric Motor Test Stand

Electric Motor Testing Systems

Maximum reliability, excellent durability and exacting analysis of today’s evolving technologies