Taylor Dynamometer Launches its State-of-the-art DynPro2 Data Acquisition and Control System!

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Cover2Milwaukee, WI (April 1, 2015) – Taylor Dynamometer announced today the launch of its state-of-the-art, DynPro2 data acquisition and control system.  DynPro2 is simple to use but flexible enough for the most rigorous applications.  DynPro2 can automate the industrial controls for a room, test cell, even your entire test cell facility, allowing you to integrate room temperature, lights, safety interlocks and much more into your overall testing process.

DynPro2 offers users the following features and benefits:

  • Control all applications within your facility including engine, chassis, hydraulic components, other closed loop control and data acquisition and control applications
  • Start testing in just 3 clicks with the quick operation setup feature
  • Manage all your testing information in one convenient, centralized location
  • Analyze data both graphically and numerically
  • Customizable reporting and processing functionality
  • Programmable channel alarms and intelligent safety features
  • Closed loop control with simple Proportional, Integral and Differential (PID) tuning

“DynPro2 represents a significant milestone for Taylor Dynamometer in our continuous efforts to help companies get greater performance, durability and return on investment out of their testing equipment,” said Art Downey, President, Taylor Dynamometer. “With DynPro2 we have set a new benchmark in data acquisition and control systems with technology that was developed through a collaboration of valuable customer feedback and in-house expertise. Our customers will benefit from all the features and capabilities that DynPro2 has to offer. “

DynPro2 is easy to use and requires minimal training.  The system is adaptable to meet your testing requirements and no programming experience is needed to configure the system. Standard Electronic Control Module (ECM) databases are available and can easily be modified to accommodate your proprietary ECM data.

DynPro2 offers a public Application Programmer’s Interface (API), so you can integrate data, system controls and other software packages or products that you already use (e.g., National Instruments® LabVIEW, etc.) DynPro2 can be connected to any 0-10 volt, 4-20 ma, or frequency output device and is capable of communicating with almost any serial, CAN, USB, or Ethernet interfaced device.

For additional information visit our website: DynPro2, or contact your local Taylor Dynamometer Regional Business Consultant +1 (414) 755-0040; sales@taylordyno.com.

About Taylor Dynamometer 

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