Data Acquisition Meets Diverse Troubleshooting Needs

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Upholding a Strong Reputation in Service and Repair

Western Branch Diesel in Portsmouth, VA is a large full-service truck shop servicing major OEM dealers/distributors including Detroit Diesel, MTU, and many other diesel engines, has long built its reputation on an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction as a service provider and business partner of the highest standard. Western Branch Diesel’s success and customer satisfaction is largely due to the ability to service engines efficiently, reliably and getting them back out on the road quickly – with same day service, and 24-hour emergency service, seven days a week.

But when Western Branch Diesel’s aging troubleshooting system struggled to work efficiently against evolving industry trends and customer demands, the service shop looked for a new solution to maintain its leading service offering.

Meeting a Range of Growing Challenges

With 17-service bays, and a constant flow of diesel engines coming into the shop, Western Branch Diesel needed a solution to meet a range of growing and diverse needs to:

  • Evolve with industry trends: Trucks coming into the shop today are nearly all equipped with electronic control modules engines (ECMs) – pushing data communication requirements to read a greater range of information channels and engine protocols.
  • Expand diagnostics: With more sophisticated engines coming off the line today, any limitations in the ability to diagnose/run a full range of tests on an engine, could inhibit the team from troubleshooting the engine issue and slow down the process.
  • Achieve accurate results: Western Branch Diesel sought to provide greater accuracy and reliability in its troubleshooting to more efficiently and quickly diagnose engine issues, to be able to service them without repeating or running multiple tests.
  • Set up repeat and custom tests: In the game of speed and efficiency, set up and configuration were adding significant time as each test had to be individually configured. Moreover, any new solution would also have to balance increased testing capabilities with ease-of-use to ensure efficient, timely service.

New Data Acquisition System Drives Solution

When it came time to make a change, Western Branch Diesel charged forward to ensure its customers would receive the service experience they had come to expect, today and well into the future. Turning to Taylor Dynamometer – a trusted partner with deep experience in dynamometers and test cell solutions – Western Branch Diesel implemented a new data acquisition and control system, DynPro2. It was the solution Western Branch Diesel needed to hit on all cylinders to get back up and running:

  • Evolving diagnostic capabilities: Helping Western Branch Diesel keep pace with evolving vehicle on-board diagnostics, DynPro2 brought ECM interfacing to read a host of SAE and ISO protocols – with the configuration and setup functionality built in.
  • Balancing increasingly sophisticated testing with intuitive operation: With accurate, real-time instrumentation for monitoring just about any desired combination of testing parameters, DynPro2 provides Western Branch Diesel with the ability to create, modify and update test screens to their specific needs, even while a test is running.
  • Simplifying test setup: Frequently run tests are standard with DynPro2 and can be run over and over again with the click of a button providing consistent repeatable results. Also, operators are able to quickly customize these tests for those unique testing applications just by entering a few values.
  • Highly configurable yet easy to use: DynPro2 allows the Western Branch team to create custom tests with the Integrated Definition Language (IDL) built into DynPro2 – giving them the ability to do sophisticated configuration of custom testing requirements with ease.

With the right technology solution, Western Branch Diesel also turned to Taylor for its complete test cell solution support to guide the implementation and startup process – ensuring the integrated solution was up and running in a timely fashion.

Upholding the Commitment Today and for the Future

In the end, thanks to new technology and guidance from a trusted partner, Western Branch Diesel was able to maintain momentum and uphold commitment to customers as a leading service provider when it needed it most. For Mike Worrell, Branch Service Manager, DynPro2 has given his team the diversified testing solutions they needed, no longer limited in troubleshooting or reliability constraints. It has also led to more efficient troubleshooting than ever before – in fact the installation of the new DynPro2 system has led to a greater than 50 percent faster set up time for his operators.

“We’ve long built a reputation as a service provider and business partner of the highest standards,” said Worrell. “Since we added DynPro2, the accuracy of testing compared to the old system is night and day when it comes to speed and precision. Taylor has proven it’s the right partner with the right solutions – helping us to save time, money, and get customers back out on the road more quickly.”

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