Taylor Dynamometer to Feature Their Latest Product Offerings at Korea’s 2015 Automotive Testing Expo

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Seoul, Korea (February 26, 2015) – Taylor Dynamometer, global manufacturer of engine, vehicle and industrial component testing equipment, will feature their latest product offerings including: Mobile Testing Centers, Test Cell Design Services, Load Banks and its expansion of the RSL Towing Dynamometers at the Automotive Testing Expo (March 17 through 19, at the Korean International Exhibition Center, Hall 10A, Stand 1015 in Seoul, Korea).

“The theme for our participation at the Korea show this year is innovation. The new technologies and services we are featuring represent our goals of continuous improvement and superior quality and we are pleased to introduce them to the industry at an event like the Automotive Testing Expo,” said Todd Poirson, Regional Business Consultant, Taylor Dynamometer.

Detailed information on Taylor’s new innovations includes:

Mobile Testing Center (MTC)

An affordable option to permanent Test Cells, the MTC is a preassembled, above ground, mobile, testing solution designed for outdoor applications. The MTC is comprised of 2 ISO containers. Container 1 includes a Test Cell and heated and air-conditioned Control Room. Container 2 is optional and includes facility support equipment such as Bulk Fuel Storage, Pneumatic System, Water Recirculation System (WRS), etc.  For more information visit: Mobile Testing Centers (MTC).

Design Services

Count on Taylor Dynamometer to reduce the risk and simplify the complex challenges of the test cell environment by ensuring your success. Taylor will provide a comprehensive set of Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Process Piping drawings of your new test cell. In addition, a virtual 3D model lets you walk through your new test cell prior to construction. Taylor will work with your architectural and engineering firms to integrate the design into your overall building, as well as, assisting with permits and other approvals. Taylor carefully considers all systems and components related to your test cell and how they integrate together to deliver an end result that is safe, convenient and well-organized. For more information visit:  Design Services.

Load Banks

Load Banks use an advanced design, air-cooled power resistor. Capacity range includes 700 – 3,750 kW with voltage options of all common 3-phase 50/60 Hz or 208-240/480 VAC dual voltage.  Whether you require a portable or stationary unit, these heavy-duty Load Banks provide a contained, organized and fully controllable load for testing of generators, UPS and other AC power sources. For more information visit:  Load Banks.

RSL Towing Dynamometers

Taylor’s RSL series Towing Dynos now provide models that test compact to full-sized cars, SUVs and light trucks.  These models are built with an aluminum frame, sheet metal body and an independent, coil-spring suspension. The RSL series use an Eddy Current Absorber, powered by batteries and an alternator, for power absorption. Combined with Taylor’s DynCntrl-II software, the RSL series provide the engineer with a highly-efficient and repeatable tool for collecting critical vehicle performance data.  For more information visit: Towing Dynamometers.

For additional information please contact your local Taylor Dynamometer Regional Business Consultant or email: sales@taylordyno.com.

About Taylor Dynamometer 

Taylor’s comprehensive product offering along with a unique blend of product knowledge and clear understanding of application environments ensure that customers get the most out of their equipment over its entire life cycle through superior performance, enhanced flexibility and higher return on investment. Taylor Dynamometer – Everything you need to succeed. www.taylordyno.com 

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