Dynamometers for Military Applications

Dynamometers are used in a variety of military and defense applications around the world. Selecting the right dynamometer and control system for your test requirements is critical to any load testing program. So turn to Taylor Dynamometer for the experience and expertise it takes to help you succeed.

Military Engine Dynamometer Application

Engine Dynamometers

  • Primarily for diesel engines used in bulldozers, excavators, personnel carriers, aircraft support equipment, ships or boats and more
  • Also used for electric motors, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) engines and helicopter drivetrains
  • Facilitate research and development at defense contractors, at service depots and remanufacturing facilities, shipyards and military equipment production facilities

Military Chassis Dynamometer Application

Chassis Dynamometers

  • End-of-line testing requirements at production and vehicle remanufacturing facilities
  • Test and evaluate vehicle capability and durability, troubleshoot engine or other driveline component issues and validate performance prior to shipment
  • Documented, verifiable and traceable data important to the industry

Military Towing Dynamometer Application

Towing Dynamometers

  • Heavy-duty vehicle verification, hill simulation and application of measured drawbar loads
  • Used on Tactical Vehicles, Light Trucks and Tanks, among other vehicles
  • Eliminates the need for costly mountain tests while allowing for testing within the confines of a private track