Dynamometers for Construction Vehicle & Equipment Testing

Off-highway diesel construction vehicles and equipment carry specialized testing requirements for break-in, rebuilding and more. To meet your needs, the Taylor team offers a comprehensive line of proven products and services.

“Taylor offers quality, reliable equipment – our DX-38 Engine Dyno has been running strong for over 49 years!”-Tim Koenig, Ziegler Caterpillar Spec Shop Engine Line Manager, Minnesota

Construction Engine Dyno Application

Engine Dynamometers

  • Valuable validation tool for R&D facilities, manufacturing and post-remanufacturing load testing
  • Verify engine performance, conduct variable load testing and test engine mounted components in operation under controlled conditions
  • Ideal for break-in or run-in of new and rebuilt engines
  • Ensure a higher level of product quality, increased machine uptime and happier customers

Construction Hydraulic Test Center Application

Hydraulic Test Centers (HTC)

  • Versatile machines designed to test heavy-duty, off-highway hydraulic components
  • Test transmissions, torque converters, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, gear pumps, vane pumps, hydrostatic pumps and more
  • Smaller models for the industry’s small- to medium-size machine mix
  • Ensure proper component break-in and verification before installation in machine