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Serving customers. Solving problems. Driving productivity. These are among the reasons you need a robust dynamometer system. What you don’t need, however, is to have to go it alone when installing, optimizing or troubleshooting your system. That’s why you need Taylor Dynamometer – your partner for superior dyno system performance. Everything we do is about making it easy for you to turn your testing challenges into success.

How do you know we can deliver on this promise?


A complete, proven product line. Get the right engine, chassis or towing dyno for your needs, as well as advanced controls, instrumentation and all the auxiliary systems for a complete solution.


Exceptional technical and applications knowledge. Look to our experts not only to help you select your optimal system, but also to provide design, configuration, installation and training for a total solution that integrates seamlessly with your operation.


Proactive service and enduring support. Count on us as the champions of your dynamometer system, taking full responsibility for the performance, ease of use and longevity of our equipment – so you can focus on what you do best.

By applying these strengths, we’ve been helping companies like yours get greater performance, durability and return on investment in engine and equipment testing since the 1920s. The result is the best overall value for you today – in terms of both your testing performance and your company’s bottom line.
Taylor Dynamometer at a Glance

Taylor Dynamometer At a Glance

  • Founded in 1929 by Mr. John Taylor and headquartered in Milwaukee, WI
  • Acquired Dyne Systems, Inc. in Jackson, WI in 2016 providing a stronger foothold in the engine, vehicle and industrial component testing industry by providing customers added functionality and flexibility
  • Providing a full array of dynamometer systems (including complete test cells), along with instrumentation, accessories, engineering and design services and expert support
  • Serving markets including construction, education, marine, mining, military, oil and gas, transportation and others
  • Thousands of dynamometer systems in operation throughout the world
  • Taylor is an equal employment employer – view our affirmative action policy statement