Dynamometer Test
Cell Rental Services

Do you need dynamometer testing services on a temporary basis? Consider renting a complete, high-quality engine or chassis dyno test cell from Taylor.

Numerous engine or vehicle testing services are available, ranging from performance and durability testing to fuels and lubricant testing and more. Measure pressures, temps, blowby, smoke, BSFC and more.

All the Amenities You Need to Get the Job Done

  • Comfortable work environment
  • Limited access for security
  • Space for engine or vehicle storage, maintenance, tear down, inspection, etc.
  • Available short or long term

Taylor can perform your testing requirement(s) on a contract for services basis.

Test Cell Rental Options

  • Engine Test Cells – For 10 to 2,000 hp (7 to 1,491 kW)
  • Chassis Test Cell –For single-axle pickup trucks up through tandem-axle trucks and buses to 1,100 hp (820 kW)

Need More Info on Rentals?

Need More Info on Rentals?

Contact us today to discuss your needs.