Engine Exhaust Systems

Eliminating engine exhaust from the test cell is essential to the safety of your personnel and to ensure proper engine operation. While anyone can purchase the parts required to fabricate an Exhaust System, count on Taylor to provide a superior solution that benefits your current and future requirements.

Each facility is different and therefore requires that a system be designed to adapt to the individual building requirements.

Exhaust Hood for Engine and Chassis Dynamometers

A Hood Style Exhaust System does not require any engine connections, reducing the test time and labor involved with setup.

This open exhaust system pulls make-up air into the test cell while removing both engine exhaust and room exhaust. A small ventilator should be installed into the ceiling to permit the escape of any fumes not captured.

Closed Exhaust System for Engine Dynamometers

A Closed Exhaust System requires direct connection to the engine and removes only engine exhaust. This style of system allows for the greatest flexibility when overhead and in-cell jib cranes are to be used. It also reduces operational noise and soot in your test cell. A separate fan-powered exhaust system is required to pull in make-up air and discharge the heat and fumes.