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Taylor Dynamometer’s experienced team of Customer Service Representatives is committed to making your life easier.

You can count on us to bring you what you need, when you need it – including repair and calibration visits to facilities worldwide.

“Taylor is there when you need them. We called for help on a Saturday afternoon, and they were able to assist us right away.” Darren McKnight, District Shop Service Manager, Waukesha-Pearce Industries, New Mexico

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All owners of Taylor Dynamometer equipment get unlimited phone, fax and email support.

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  • Service calls – Including off-shift hours and weekends when the dynamometer test cells are not in use
  • Calibration – Verify proper operation of the engine, chassis, towing and HTC systems and check/calibrate all input channels
  • Replacement parts – Overnight delivery of critical components for repairs; install them yourself or arrange a service visit

Engineering support

Support out of Our Facility

Software services – Should you encounter a software issue, call Taylor to get you back on track. Additionally, we can assist you with system upgrades as test requirements change

Engineering services – Tap into our expertise for a wide range of services. Contact us to discuss your application. You can also learn more about test cell design.

Engine and vehicle testing – In addition to renting test cells for your use, Taylor can perform your testing requirements on a contract for services basis