Water Brake Engine Dynamometers (Hydraulic dynos)

For trucking, off-road, military and mining equipment, Taylor Dynamometer’s water brake dynamometers (also known as hydraulic dynos) offer the rugged operation and accuracy you need to ensure success.

DX Series

DX Series water brake engine dynos

DX Series Water Brake Dynos – Durability and performance up to 3,000 hp (2,237 kW) counted on by over 2,000 facilities worldwide

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M2 Series

M2 Series water brake engine dynos

M2 Series Water Brake Dynos – Small dynamometers capable of handling your most difficult of operating conditions

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DS Series

DS Series water brake engine dynos

DS Series Water Brake Dynos – All the advantages of the DX, plus increased capacity – from 2,125 to 4,250 hp (1,584 to 3,169 kW)

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DH Series

DH Series water brake engine dynos

DH Series Water Brake Dynos – Ideal testing solutions for gasoline and lower-horsepower diesel engines up to 805 hp (600 kW)

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DL Series

DL Series water brake engine dynos

DL Series Water Brake Dynos – Low rpm, low inertia and high torque in a compact package that saves space in your facility

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