Instrumentation Accessories

Taylor features instrumentation and data acquisition accessories needed to keep dyno systems running smoothly while maximizing efficiency and results. Blowby meters, opacity meters, ignition power supplies, and so much more. Looking for accessories for a specific dynamometer system? Check out our main accessories page to find what you’re looking for. Have a question you’d like to ask? We’ll answer it for you.


Blowby Meter

The Blowby meter provides all the advantages of vortex shredding technology in an anodized aluminum construction design that is perfect for rugged applications with minimal space requirements. These inline blowby meters offer the best value for your low pressure flow applications.

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Cable Kits

Cable Kits provide a cable connection from your accessory (or instrument) to the Sensor Box of the DynPro2 Data Acquisition and Control System.

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Correction Factors for DynPro

Correction Factors

As a convenience to our customers we offer standard Correction Factor calculation packages. These packages include parameters for Fuel Density, Barometric Pressure, Inlet Air temperature and Fuel Temperature that are to the standard identified (SAE or ISO). DynPro2 also provides a user-friendly utility for the creation of custom calculated channels that makes the creation of new or custom corrections easy.

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Diesel Fuel Measurement Unit (FMU)

Accurately measure the weight of diesel fuel in a beaker and calculate the rate of fuel consumption by continuously analyzing the weight of the beaker as the engine draws and returns fuel. The beaker is self-filling and will automatically maintain the minimum and maximum amounts of diesel fuel in the beaker. All units include a Heat Exchanger to cool the return diesel fuel and maintain a beaker temperature of 100°F (38°C). Models available in 1,000, 4,250 and 10,000 hp (746, 3,169 and (7,457 kW).

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Emissions Gas Analyzer

The Emissions Gas Analyzer has an integrated sample dilution system for extended testing ranges and sensor protection. It offers compliance level accuracy and extreme flexibility. See pdf for more details.

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E-Stop Button Kit

The E-Stop Button Kit is designed to power down the DynPro2 Data Acquisition and Control System. The power down is activated by pressing the orange emergency pushbutton. The E-Stop Button Kit does not take the place of mechanical devices that are used to remove the energy from the engine while under test.

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Fault Beacon Light with Siren

The Fault Beacon Light with Siren is an attractive unit that provides an audible and visual warning for indoor and outdoor applications that require both a sound and visual warning signal.  The Fault Beacon combines the features of a mini sounder with a fully integrated xenon strobe circuit.  The Fault Beacon is ideal for wall or panel mount applications where low voltage is required.

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Fuel Flow Meter Assemblies

For use with gasoline, the Fuel Flow Meter Assemblies measure flow rates from 0.05 to 0.50 gpm (0.189 to 1.89 lpm) and also 0.1 to 1.0 gpm (0.378 to 3.785 lpm).

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Ignition Power Supply

Ignition Power Supply

The Ignition Power Supply is used to provide adequate power for the ignition system of internal combustion engines. This power supply eliminates the need for batteries in the test cell that are used to supply ignition power.

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Junction Box Retrofit Kit

The Junction Box Retrofit Kit (for engine and chassis dynamometers) is used for retrofitting a DynProsystem onto an older dynamometer. The kit is used to allow for the proper connection requirements when there is little or no room on the dynamometer to mount the standard dynamometer interconnect enclosure or to adapt DynPro2 to most non-Taylor dynamometers.

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Instrumentation Boom

A vertical solution allowing for rapid installation and removal of testing equipment inside your test cell. The boom is double articulated for a wider swing path allowing for testing of multiple engine types and sizes. The boom provides a clean, safe work environment by keeping walkways clear and signal cables off the floor.

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Intake Airflow Meter

The Intake Airflow Meter measures the amount of intake air consumed by an engine. Available in two sizes: 0 – 1,250 or 0 – 2,130 SCFM (0 – 5,635 or 0 – 9,600 lb/hr). For Mass Airflow Meters operated in temperature controlled spaces (with no thermal effect upon span), this automatic zeroing function essentially produces a self-calibrating transmitter. See pdf for more details.

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Load Control and Transmitter Stand Assembly

The Load Control Assembly is the electrical or electro-mechanical interface that allows the control system to control the dynamometer load. The Transmitter Stand Assembly is the torque arm, load cell and linkage that allows the data acquisition and control system to measure torque.

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Monitor (flat panel)

Experience productivity gains associated with adding a second 20 in (508 mm) monitor and create a dual-display with adding Taylor’s Mounting Bracket (see below.) The Mounting Bracket and Monitor are sold separately.


Monitor Mounting Bracket

The monitor mounting bracket lifts monitors up off the desk where they are easier to see while freeing up valuable workspace. The mounting bracket is available in either desk or wall mount options.

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Multi-Protocol Interface Device (MPID)

The MPID is used to communicate with electronic engine and transmission ECMs using the protocols: J1708/J1587, J1939 and ODB-II. See pdf for more details.

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Opacity Meter (Open Exhaust)

The Opacity Meter can be used on any diesel engine, with primary application in testing trucks, busses and cars. It provides an accurate means (±1%) of detecting and measuring the opacity of smoke emitted by a diesel engine. The partial flow sensor head requires an open exhaust system for use. See pdf for more details.

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Opacity Meter (Closed Exhaust)

The Opacity Meter can be used on any diesel engine. It provides an accurate means (±1%) of detecting and measuring the opacity of smoke emitted by a diesel engine. This is a full flow sensor head designed for use in closed exhaust systems. The system is set up for an Engine Test Cell using a sealed (closed) or direct capture type of engine exhaust system. See pdf for more details.

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Pressure Channel Hose Kit

The Pressure Channel Hose Kit compliments Taylor’s DynPro2 Data Acquisition and Control System. Available hose types include low temperature and high temperature hoses.

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Software Maintenance Agreement

To ensure that your software has the latest features and capabilities enter into a DynPro2 Software Maintenance Agreement.

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Surface Pro Tablet

The Surface Pro Tablet provides the perfect balance of size and power.  It offers a LCD multi-touchscreen, long battery life, lightweight and compact design. For Chassis applications the Surface Pro tablet is standard user interface. For Engine and Hydraulic Test Center applications it is an optional accessory.

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Temperature Channel Cable Kit

The Temperature Channel Cable Kit compliments Taylor’s DynPro2 Data Acquisition and Control System. Each kit connects up to 16 temperature channels. Cable, Type K Thermocouples, fittings and low and high temperature ferrrules are included in each kit.

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Throttle Control (Electronic)

The electronic interface connects directly to the vehicle or engine’s harness and does not interfere with the vehicle’s computers. The interface uses a reference voltage and ground from the engine for operation. The control signal from the DynPro2 system adjusts the throttle controller output proportionally.

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Throttle Control (Linear Servo)

Linear Servo Throttle is controlled through your computer and DynPro2 Data Acquisition & Control System for the more precise and repeatable mechanical throttle position requirements.

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Throttle Control (Pneumatic)

The Pneumatic Throttle is controlled through your computer and DynPro2 Data Acquisition & Control System. Designed for the user with modest mechanical testing requirements. Generally not used when repeatable partial throttle position testing is desired.

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Weather Station

The Weather Station provides relative humidity and temperature to the DynPro2 Data Acquisition and Control System. It includes the inputs necessary for correcting data to standard atmospheric conditions along with an Onboard Barometric Pressure Sensor. By using the powerful calculating capabilities of DynPro2 and the Weather Station Accessory, you will be able to apply atmospheric correction to data automatically.

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Workstation png


Taylor’s Workstation is designed to house a computer under harsh conditions and/or environment (garage or heavy-duty dyno room). The Workstation is ideal for hosting many different diagnostic applications including: data acquisition and control, gas analysis, in-store networks, engine analyzers, ECM programming and diagnostic tools.

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Work Table

The industrial-grade work table has a stainless steel top and black wrinkle, powder coat finish. There are 4 sizes to choose from. The work table ships unassembled. For more details see pdf.

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