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Hydraulic Test Center Accessories

Browse our extensive line of accessories below designed to maximize the potential of the Hydraulic Test Bench. Choose from an oil mist collector, port for work table, instrumentation, and many more options. Are you in the market for a new test bench? View our Hydraulic Test Centers page to learn more about its capabilities. Have a question you’d like to ask? We’ll answer it for you.

Camera System

Full color, high-definition (HD) 1080p camera system with monitor for your test cell. View the pdf to view what is included with the camera system.

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E-Stop Button Kit

In Hydraulic Test Center (HTC) Applications, the E-Stop buttons will disable control to the electric motors internal to the HTC. This stops the machine functions such as rotating and supplying flow to the component under test.

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Instrumentation Package

Taylor offers a Hydraulic Test Center (HTC) Instrumentation Package that connects the component under test to the DynPro2 Data Acquisition and Control System.

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Monitor Mounting Bracket

The monitor mounting bracket lifts monitors up off the desk where they are easier to see while freeing up valuable workspace. The bracket is available in either desk or wall mount options.

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Oil Mist Collector

A self-contained electronic and media-based air cleaning system designed for source capture. The Oil Mist Collector effectively captures mist and other air borne contaminants at a rate of 1,250 cubic feet of air per minute.

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Port for Work Table

The Port for Work Table is tooling that allows a drain from a component under test to be plumbed into the work table as opposed to it draining over the work table grates on the Hydraulic Test Center (HTC). This tooling provides for a safer and cleaner work cell.
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Test Cell Design Services Accessories

Services – Design, Project & Construction Management

Count on Taylor Dynamometer to reduce the risk and simplify the complex challenges of the test cell environment by ensuring your success. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing test cell or require a new testing facility, Taylor will own the responsibility and manage the entire complex project from predesign to start-up.

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Services – Onsite Support

Taylor Dynamometer helps customers get the most out of their testing equipment over its entire life cycle. Offering free phone and email support, onsite technician training and remote system service support for the life of your products. Download the pdf to learn more about our onsite service offering.

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Services – Rebuild and Remanufacturing

Before, during and long after the purchase, the people of Taylor Dynamometer stand behind their products and services providing complete confidence in and accountability for superior performance. Taylor helps customers get the most out of their testing equipment over its entire life cycle. view allview all

Services – Shop Level Drawings Review Service

Taylor Dynamometer will review all shop level drawings and submissions for a test cell building. Download the pdf to learn more.

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The Toughpad is an optional accessory that allows the operator to move about freely yet still have access to the data acquisition and control system.

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Workstation png


Designed to house a computer under harsh conditions and/or environment (garage, dyno room).  Ideal for hosting many different diagnostic applications including data acquisition and control, etc.

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Work Table

Industrial-grade, stainless steel top with black wrinkle, powder coat finish. Four sizes to choose from.  View the pdf for more features.

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