Taylor Dynamometer is the leading manufacturer of engine dynamometer, chassis dynamometer systems, accessories for dynamometers, controls for dynamometers, software and instrumentation.

Hydraulic Dynamometer (Dynos)

Taylor Dynamometer's hydraulic style engine dynamometers (dynos) are known for their longevity. Taylor builds every one of its hydraulic dynamometer systems with heavy-duty components, then supports each with legendary service.

The end result is an engine dynamometer with a track record of proven durability in the trucking, off-road, military, and mining industries. Taylor's waterbrake style dynamometer can test engines from 5 to 13709 hp.

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DX Series
HP from 25 to 3000, RPM up to 6000, peak torque of 9651 Ft-Lbs
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DS Engine Dynamometer image
DS Series
HP from 350 to 4250, RPM up to 4000, peak torque of 13675 Ft-Lbs
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DL Series
HP from 200 to 10000, RPM up to 2550, peak torque of 68109 Ft-Lbs
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M2 Series Engine Dynamometer image
M2 Series
HP from 5 to 50, RPM up to 6000, peak torque of 68 Ft-Lbs
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DH Series
HP from 25 to 805, RPM up to 5500, peak torque of 1275 Ft-Lbs
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DP Series
HP from 1370 to 13709, RPM up to 1200, peak torque of 60000 Ft-Lbs
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Taylor also offers tandem dynamometer systems in which two dynamometers are coupled together. Tandem systems are available in a variety of combinations up to a maximum of 7000 hp. Please contact our sales staff for more information.