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Towing Dynamometer (Dyno) Accessories

Hill SimPro Simulation Software

Hill SimPro Simulation Software
  • Simulate actual slope
  • Simulate trailer weight, aero and rolling loss
  • Compensate for vehicle weight
  • Reference slope input
  • Import/export Excel files
  • Save, name and file hill profiles
  • Auto record data
  • Infinite number of programmable steps

USB/CAN Interface

USB/CAN Interface

The USB/CAN interface allows the DynCntrl-ll data to be output to a CAN bus. The CAN/USB adapter (shown above) simply plugs into the hand held towing dynamometer controller and then into the CAN bus. This is a very easy and efficient way to integrate all of the real time towing dyno channels such as load, speed, temperatures, volts and the like on to the CAN bus.

Ballast Tank

Ballast Tank
  • Fully baffled
  • Ballast tanks are safely secured to the trailer
  • Easy to fill and easy to drain
  • Ballast weight is fully adjustable
  • Fill from any hydrant
  • Easy to transport ballast weight
  • Never a need to store heavy ballast weights
  • No heavy equipment needed to load or unload weights specifications

Calibration Stand

Calibration Stand
  • Fully collapsible stand
  • Weights sold separately according to specific towing dynamometer requirements
  • Fast setup
  • Uses loadcell from towing dyanmometer

Note: Actual calibration stand may differ depending on spefiic towing dynamometer model. Certified weights must also be ordered.

Converter Dolly

Converter Dolly
The Converter Dolly is an excellent choice for those customers who have a 5th wheel towing dynamometer and need to use it with pintle hitch applications such as dump trucks and buses