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Flywheel Adapter Kit - 1550 Style

The flywheel adapter plate bolts to the flywheel of the engine. The flywheel adapter plate is available with a roughcut diameter, from 12 - 30" (305 - 762 mm) and is pre-formed and machined to mate with a hub. Final machining of the outside diameter and drilling of the attaching holes to fit the clutch cover bolt holes in the flywheel must be performed by the purchaser to ensure correct fit. Additional adapter plates are available for purchase separately.

Flywheel Adapter Kit features include:

  • Adapter plate can be drilled with various flywheel patterns, avoid stocking different plates for each engine model tested.
  • Hub is bolted to the flywheel adapter plate to ensure proper location and centering of the driveshaft and has threaded holes for direct attachment of driveshaft cap screws.

Flywheel Adapter Kit 1550 includes:

  • One 1550 TK Style Hub
  • One 18" (457 mm) diameter Adapter Plate Blank
  • One 24" (610 mm) diameter Adapter Plate Blank
  • One Adapter Plate Hanger Kit
  • Large or Small Pilot Plates (as required)