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35 HP Pneumatic Engine Starter Kit

Deep-ratio 35 HP [26 kw] engine starter with pre-engagement drive, servo & muffler. Two (2) starters furnished for dual direction kit, one (1) for single direction (easily converted later by user if desired).

Shut-off valve, relay valve, muffler, lubricator & pushbutton control valve are furnished but not shown. User must supply all pipe, hose, & a 100 gal. [397 L] min. air tank with 1-1/2" NPT outlet, at 125 psig [8.6 bar] min., 150 psig [10.3 bar] max.

  • Mounting Bracket with SAE #3 pilot & bolt circle mounts to sole plate. Pivoted carrier with jacking screw facilitates mesh adjustments.
  • 115T, 6/8 DP ring ear, flywheel and hub furnished.
  • Application: Starting IC engine (4-stroke & 2-stroke diesel thru 3000 IN3 [49L]), thru engine dynamometer at 60°F [16° C] and above.