Taylor Dynamometer is the leading manufacturer of engine dynamometer, chassis dynamometer systems, accessories for dynamometers, controls for dynamometers, software and instrumentation.

Taylor Dynamometer is proud to offer a cost-effective emissions analyzer for use with our DynPro data acquisition and control system. The system offers superior functionality and an elegantly simple design for seamless integration with the DynPro system.

This gas analyzer has excellent sensor accuracy and features state of the art Low NOx and Low CO sensors. The analyzer's advanced NDIR technology offers a wide range of CO2 measurements and its unique dilution system provides a wide range of CO testing and long sensor life. Another standout feature of the analyzer is its industry leading continuous temperature compensation and control.

Emissions Analyzer, 5-gas, Engine Kit with DynPro Interface

  • Provides compliance level accuracy and extreme flexibility
  • Integrated sample dilution system for extended testing ranges & sensor protection
  • Includes: Dilution System, CO Rinse, Purge Valve, Chiller, Control unit, Control Cable, Probe Adapter, transport/storage case, 20 particulate filters, 6 rolls of paper, 13 in (330 mm)/2000 oF (1093 oC) probe with teflon hose, Bluetooth, Certificate of Calibration
  • Measurement Range:
    • 02: 0 - 25%
    • CO: 0 - 10000 PPM
    • NO: 0 - 3000 PPM
    • NO2: 0 - 500 PPM
    • SO2: 0 - 5000 PPM